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Make Things Better!

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward.” ~Paul Coelho

I am pleased and excited to announce the launch of MWX –a new venture aimed at helping organizations tap their existing technology stack to nail the worker experience.“What the hell is that?” you are asking? More to come but first how we got here...I’ve been struggling for a bit –trying to make sense of things and really trying to understand how stuff is ever going to get better. The Covid-19 pandemic, civil unrest, and what kind of feels like endless uncertainty.B.C. (before Covid-19), and its associated physical, emotional, economic, and social damage set in, I wanted to get back in the game – the business-building game. It’s something that, with a lot of help, I was successful doing. Then a pandemic! A what? Yeah, pandemic. What a mess. Businesses shuttered, “social distancing,” politicized medicine, and many lives lost. Getting back in the game might need to wait. Hell, the rules of the game suddenly seemed fluid, and the game might even be cancelled! I found myself just wanting things to be better. With down time to ponder all of this, what now seems obvious now slapped me across the face as I considered the bleak landscape: Things won’t just “get better”, we each need to find a way to make things better. And if you want to “Make Things Better” (“MTB”), you need to do it –NOW –and ask yourself, what am I going to make better and for whom? Well, what I do know is the many folks are trudging through this pandemic (as of now, the new normal), some alone, in quarantine, some in front of a screen 40 hours a week. Some are trying to balance family and work. Some are returning to school. Some are just making it through the day. Its disorienting. Things have changed, and not for the better. Now the punchline: I am out to build something that makes work better. (No matter where, or when, it occurs). Let’s really make it an experience truly worthy of people’s time! Let’s also make it a partnership between workers and companies. We have so many technical tools and resources that we can draw from that we know we can do this. Let’s monitor so we can manage, but focus on people, not on systems. Let’s build real connections between people and their work via technology (think about a friendly three-headed monster of workers, HR and IT!) Obviously, this will be a challenge –anything worthwhile is. But fun too! Over the coming weeks and months, we will be in need of your help –as we build our MVP we will need feedback! We will also need great people, partners, and customers to engage and help us as we MTB!To start, drop a comment below about what could make your work and life better right now.Thanks to everyone who has made this possible so far, and if we haven’t connected in a while, I look forward to (re)connecting with you all! More to come, but let’s start Making Things Better!

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