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Aligning digital tools and human smarts to build a great talent experience.


Fact:  Employee Engagement is dead.  It’s an outdated term that never worked anyway.  And implementing “apps” that simply digitize paper processes won’t cut it.  Today’s top talent demand a curated work experience that can only be driven by tapping into your entire tech stack.  This is MWX.

Next! Community

Join the Next! Community!  You know you want to...

The Next! community includes the best of the best in HR and IT, along with anyone interested in a great work experience.  This means YOU!

Get involved with us and write the next chapter!



Join a community of forward-looking peers and influencers who are designing the data-driven future of work.


Community developed for the work-anywhere organization. 


We're more fun than, well, you know...find out how fun.

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Next! Ideas focuses on driving discussions around how we can all build a better work experience!
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To join, get info on the Beta or our community, and generally improve your life (jk!), hit us up at or complete the form below.  Remember to check all that apply!

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